Looking for a guide to help pick light options

I’m looking to start live streaming on my KaraokeCab username on twitch in my minivan in the next year and I’m putting together the lights I need to use and installing for new years eve.
I want to go the DIY route rather than getting most expensive, with keeping all the features like
:white_check_mark: Full Local Fast control
:white_check_mark: Transitions
:white_check_mark: Native Scenes from their app

I don’t want so cheap that the lights flicker because of the camera refresh rate though.
Need to be able to install on headliner easily in my van is a must. Thinking of doing Light strips for the door’s weather strips and tile type (like nanoleaf) for the headliner. May do lazer light or strobe with a remote controlled compact smoke machine as well. Any recommendations is appreciated.

Then WLED is the way you want to choose. Just googgle DIY WLED and you will find a lot of tutorials.

Also the WLED site has already good tutorials linked


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