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I am in Australia and we cannot purchase rge A19 Bulb that is supported in Lumiastream nor do we use the socket that the A19 uses. Can we please get support for the LIFX A60 series bulbs in LumiaStream

Do you have A60 which don’t work with Lumia??? A19 is a model number not a socket. I think in Australia you use the E(dison)27 socket like in Europe. As far as I know the US uses a E26 socket. You can use E26 in E27 and vice versa but in the US they use another voltage.

So… normally a A60 LIFX bulb should work fine with Lumia. If don’t own them the best would be to get them and if it doesnt work give them back.

But I doubt they wouldn’t work.

Haha… I was a little bit wrong, I have to admit. A19 and A60 is also a size of the bulb head but they both are the same…just different countries.

So… go for A60. They should work like everything of LIFX afaik

This might help you

Thanks Sam. I have the A60’s working fine within Lumia but no matter what I cannot get the commands to work in Twitch/OBS, all services are connected (green light), the websocket connects and disconnects correctly but typing a command in the chat does not change the lights, and the Lumia Chatbot refuses to connect to Twitch, not sure if ive missed something.

Did you turn the chatbot off by accident?

and have a look here:

Hi Sam,
All fixed, I uninstalled OBS, the websocket and LumiaStream after backing up my OBS settings folder. Re installed and reconfigured … my A60s work perfectly. Many thanks for your help

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