Koogeek Support

Just curious to see if Koogeek products could be supported. I have one powerstrip with Wi-Fi outlets that I had no use for elsewhere in my house that I connected to a little neon sign in my room. Wanted to have it hooked up there so if someone redeems blackout I can turn that off too. If not no worries. Here’s a link to the product I use. http://m.tomtop.com/p-o1us-1.html

Hey…I would put it here https://ideas.lumiastream.com/ . So when there comes a time we integrate new devices it will be on the list.
We also had that other user found a way to use devices we didn’t know would work with other apps.

I will do that now thanks. By any chance do you have the post handy that that other user made?

Oh, I can’t tell. They comment on the ideas. I know some commented on a LSC lights idea and found out that it is Tuya.

So the most chance is that you post your idea to integrate that brand and others will comment if they have experience with it.