Key/Mouse Output Keybind Won't Record

1- Version: 6.1.2
2- System: Mac
3- Account: Premium
4- Screenshot if possible

5- Describe the issue: So it looks like if a hotkey already exists somewhere, Lumia won’t record it as a keybind. I’m trying to make it to where Lumia switches OBS scenes and then hits a hotkey to trigger a Snap filter (as a channel point redeem). In Snap Cam, the hotkey for a filter is Control + Option + 1. When I try to enter that as a keybind in Lumia, it won’t record it (it only records Control + Option). However, if I delete the hotkey in Snap, I’m able to record Control + Option + 1 in the keybind. However, I’m then not able to record it back in Snap. That said, I am able to record the simultaneous hotkeys using Streamdeck.

I have to check back with one in our team who has a Mac, as I don’t and can’t test it. It sounds a little bit as it would be limited by Mac, as it also doesn’t work vice versa in SnapCam. But we will find out :slight_smile:

Does it work on another app to have it bind twice? Well, actually the sense would be gone of a keybind :slight_smile:

I will come back here after our meeting tomorrow :wink:

Okay…we could reproduce this.

Could you try if that would also happen if you use F-keys or like letters? What happens if you unbind Stream Deck? Does that make a change?

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Ok cool! Let me check here in a bit and I’ll report back. I pretty much only played with variables around modifier keys and numbers or numpad keys. I will try with other variables and maybe try a screen record or something if that’s helpful.

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