Issue with Nanoleaf Setup

1- Version: 5.2.2
2- System: Windows 10
3- Account: Basic
4- Screenshot if possible

5- Describe the issue: Hey!

I keep getting this issue when I try to connect my Nanoleaf lights to Lumia. I’ve tried manually connecting via IP, searching for the lights, restarting lights, restarting lumia and no dice. Lumia can detect my lights, but keeps saying to push the pairing button and I’ve had no luck. I push the pairing button, and my lights are clearly in pairing mode, but when I click the checkmark to select the lights, it keeps returning the error. Help would be greatly appreciated!

Could you try changing your computer to wifi instead of Ethernet and try reconnecting again please. You could even try on a laptop and after you connect you can switch back to Ethernet

I have the same issue, but I don’t have wifi on my pc, nor I have a laptop. What should I do?

:thinking: maybe use tethering for short on your mobile and connect it with your computer until it is set up… I dont know if that works but actually its nothing less then a wifi connection then

My bad forgot to state, I only us my ethernet connection :slight_smile:

Well, I guess your router can do WiFi?