Import existing channel points from Twitch into Lumia Stream

1- Version: 6.4.8
2- Windows
3- Premium
4- N/A

5- Describe the issue: It’s a technical question really. Is it possible to import channel point commands from Twitch?

I have created new point commands within Lumia Stream and they work great! Awesome feature.

So what I would like to do is link some of my existing channel points to Lumia Stream so I can create scene change automation for redemption.

That way whenever they are triggered, it switches to the correct scene before firing so they are visible all the time.

Is this possible? Is there a way I could create a global trigger to catch these or do I have to re-create my old channels points in Lumia Stream?

Unfortunately, you have to re-create them. There is no way to link old channel points.

Here’s another question.

Is it possible to use the chat match to intercept a chatbot message. I was trying to use this feature to do this when I ran into this issue.

Now when the chatbot would display the redeemed message it wouldn’t catch the word and switch the scene.

But… if I typed the word redeemed it would switch the scene. If it could do that on the chatbot message then it would be a ‘workaround’

Lumia doesn’t listen to its chatbot. You would need to send a chat bot message as yourself through a Lumia action

Can it intercept another chatbot, for example Streamlabs?

It should listen to any other bot as they are just Twitchuser in your chat

I was thinking of using the chatmatch function to do this.

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