I want a refund

I want a refund for your lumia stream software pro-rated to current day.

When I went to sleep last night, I had a working product. When I woke up today, this update has screwed me out of using any features of this app without signing up for tuya, creating new cloud services, downloading a location tracking mobile app, and going through a 20 minute pairing process.

The software i paid for no longer works and I want my money back.

Hi, I understand your frustration on that matter. But tbf the software works absolutely fine. Unfortunately Tuya is changing things and we have to move with them or you will be right and the software won’t work anymore with Tuya/Smartlife. As every software also we sometimes meet some difficulties in updating our app, but Tuya didnt cause any issues since Version 5.4 nor do you need to download any app other the one you already have.

However we are sorry for the inconvenience. If you really want to miss all the features there to come you can email finance@lumiastream.com. They will process your refund.