Huge stutter/lag when using Fuze

1- Version: 5.3.0
2- System: Windows
3- Account: Premium
4- Screenshot if possible: NA

5- Describe the issue: When attempting to use the Fuze feature, my audio starts lagging incredibly and starts to slow down computer. I am using a Ryzen 5900x with an RTX 3080TI and 64GB of RAM. My audio goes through a GOXLR and my lights are 2 Lifx strips and 2 Lifx smart bulbs. I have tried in multi mode as well. Unfortunately, the Fuze feature is unusable for me currently and I tried a clean install. The power usage spikes and the Lumia app becomes almost unusable without a restart. It is slightly more stable when selected in video form, but still not really viable live.

Do you use a scene for Fuze? If so switch to a single color and try again. I reported already that a Fuze scene could cause lags. Please let us know if it got better with color only

Scenes make it lag unbearably, a single color it lags less, but still hardly functional for me. In order to get out of the fuze default setting I need to change the default state to color or scene and test an alert or force quit lumia altogether. Fuze seems to cause too many problems for me to even bother with at the moment, which is unfortunate. I really wanted to experiment.

What brand of lights do you use for that? I guess I dont need to ask what computer you use :slight_smile: Hope thats not the potatoe :smiley:

I am using an AMD 5900x and a 3080TI, so I don’t think it’s my computer.

I have been using Lifx lights. I was also noticing a weird mouse stutter and computer slowdown. I uninstalled Lumia and everything is running fine. I will say that this all started to happen when I upgraded to premium. I even did a clean install and redownloaded Lumia and I was still getting these issues. I don’t know the problem with this app, but uninstalling fixed my big issues with my computer :confused:

I believe everything you say but as noone else is reporting this and we all also use the app it has to be something in your settings of Lumia most likely. I.e. I have a Hue spot, the LIFX lights and 2 Smartlife. As Smartlife cant react to Fuze (due to cloud api) I wanted to keep them out of fuze and selected only the other lights. Then my Lumia started to lag as hell.
There you see it can cause something so small you wouldnt even think of it and Fuze is not as it should be. Well I repeat myself but the dev is already working on a revamp for it to make it smooth :wink: Hold on :slight_smile: I can proudly say on my behalf that I never had an app where the dev is reacting so fast on problems. Ofc some need some investigation and fixing time. I am also on Discord for the GoXLR…there most of the dev team left because noone cared about problems. :slight_smile:

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What I don’t understand about this issue is it happened after upgrading. Maybe there is some additional setting that was activated once I went premium that conflicts with something on my system?

So…tell us what exactly is happening. Install a new Lumia. Is this lagging? You connect your lights…is it now lagging? The dev cant help if you cant tell what is causing it :slight_smile: You have to go one by one like the same when you have hardware problems and you need to find the RAM block which is broken.
So we would need to know if Lumia is lagging without working…or only when lights are connected or just when fuze is running… how do you use fuze…at what command does it bug around… And then if we cant find a solution out of the hat you can create a ticket at discord and let the dev deepdive into your settings :wink: