HUDFX not being triggered by twitch extension

1- Version: 7.1.0
2- System: Windows
3- Account: Basic
4- Screenshot if possible

5- Describe the bug:

I followed the tutorial about adding overlays and hud effects but even while testing it, the hud effects video would not play. Here is what i did and what isnt working

  1. Added new overlay (my only one) - saved it
  2. On the overlay, i added new “hudfx video” layer and sized accordingly. Saved it
  3. Went to hudefx and found one i want to use.
  4. When adding the hud effect, i selected twitch extensions and went to advanced and selected the overlay name and layer name.
  5. I opened the overlay on screen - made sure its open in task bar.
  6. Went into twitch extension commands and clicked on “test” to see if it would work but nothing is working. The hud effects is not playing on the overlay.

Like i said, i watched a tutorial and followed all the steps… just cant get it to work. I also made sure layer opacity and overlay opacity is 100%.

Are we talking about the Lumia Extension or the HUDFX extension?

On twitch im using lumia extension. But even if i test the HFX video that i add through the commands it doesnt work.
Also, im noticing alot of things are broken with this latest update. My variations arent working right. I have 2 variations for subscribers… one thats 10+ subs and another 20+ subs. They been working fine. This latest update anything above 10 only triggers the 10 alert even if its above 20 subs.

The cooldown and commands appears to be broken and was working prior. Im just having so many issues with this latest update. Any way i can revert back to an older version. This one doesnt work with anything i have setup properly where i been using it for a year and working fine.

Of over 60k users you are the first to report these issues. So I think it would be good if you could join Discord and we have a closer look what you have setup and where the culprit could be.

There have been no changes on Sub variations at all for that version, so it could be something totally different. But we have to investigate this with your help as these amounts are hard to reproduce.

Not saying there is no bug, but I can’t find the bug via a forum conversation :slight_smile:

please advise me where to go and how do i go about setting up some time to show you

Just click the link in my earlier post and open a ticket in Discord and then we’ll look together what’s going on

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