How to set up a Hype Train Alert

To begin we will head to Alerts > Twitch > Hype Train Started.

As you can see there are four different alerts for Hype Train.
Hype Train Started is when the Hype train begins, Hype Train Progress is when the Hype train adds points to your Hype, Hype Train Level Progress is when the Hype train progresses to the new Level and Hype Train Ended is when the Hype train is over.

You can have alerts and variations for each one.
To start out let’s just turn on the alerts and set the Studio Types, Values, and Durations for Hyper Train Started and Hype Train Ended.

Then For Hype Train Level Progress, we may want variations depending on what level we’re on. Like maybe we want our lights to default to yellow on level 1, green on level 2, and red on level 3.

Head to Hype Train Level Progressed and we want to accept only variations here, so check only Variations.
Press the edit icon on the newly added variation and give it the name Level 1. We can set up our color red here and for the condition, we have to set it to Equal To Number. For the Condition value, we’ll set it to 1. We’ll also set this to our default light by scrolling down and under Dynamic Options selecting Permanent Default.

We’ll Press Apply and do the same thing for Level 2 and 3 and we’re good to go.

Now when we get a Hype Train it will set our lights to different colors based on the current level the hype train is on and keep it as the new default. We may want to change back to our original default when the Hype Train ends as well.

You can also set up Hype Train Progressed which can use the points of the Hype Train. So you actually do it like the level progressed but set a point value instead of a level.

Now use our other tutorials like Lumia Actions to send a message to discord when a hype train starts, text to speech, or even post a tweet when a hype train is active.

So how do we trigger an event when they break past 100% of level 5? Setting a “Level Progressed” variation to “Greater than or equal to” 6 didn’t seem to work, and I can’t find any documentation whatsoever on what you mean by “the points of the Hype Train” here:

Nothing I can find in Twitch’s documentation seems to assign a “points” value to hype train progress as they increase either by bits or subscriptions. What precisely does the “Condition Value” equate to in this case?

Level 5 is the final Level. There is no Level 6.

The train is processed with points. Bits are converted 1 to 1. So 200 bits equal 200 points.
A tier-1 sub is worth 500 points, a tier-2 sub is worth 1000 points and a tier-3 sub is worth 2500 points.

So the API doesn’t give you any tools by which to detect a level 5 Hype train reaching 100+%, only when it starts? Thanks, Amazon. :wink:

Sadly, Twitch’s back-end doesn’t tell you how many points are required for a finished Level 5, only that “the goal increases with each level.” So unless you can think of a way to trigger something automatically, I might be stuck with manually activating an animation.

The Level 5 hype stays active as long as people cheer or sub. The biggest Train reached 21.436%. So if the Level doesn’t progress, as it can’t, the point progress will still trigger. And when the train ends there is the Hype Train End alert.
To find out how many points would trigger your next level is dependent on your difficulty set in Twitch. And right under that setting the goal is shown.