How to mark news as read?

Sick of seeing a red number 1 on the bell, click it and get told about spotify.
Mark it as read.
Next time I launch Lumia Stream, it’s back as an unread item.
Got used to opening Lumia, clicking the bell, marking it as read. BUT… now I have 2. One for spotify (just in case the 300 times I have seen it are not quite enough) I now have a nag about twitch rewind 2022

PLEASE sort it out.

Well…yeah that’s a bit tricky :wink: It will save it if you changed something and clicked refresh.

So please click your new and mark them as read (I hope you read them :wink: )
Go to Default state… change your default state and change it back to your preference and click refresh. Now Lumia saved it.

Sounds complicated but most times you will be changing something anyway while creating new animations and stuff and then the refresh button gets pushed automatically.

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