How to integrate Spotify in Lumia

To integrate Spotify in Lumia we need to create a Spotify Developer App.

Please follow the step-by-step instructions below to create your own Spotify Developer Application. ( Client ID & Client Secret )

Do NOT share your Client ID or Client Secret with anybody!

  1. Open and Login with your account. ( Spotify Premium is required)

  2. Choose to “Create An App” on the Developer Dashboard.

  3. Give your App a unique name and description.

Select the checkboxes at the bottom and click CREATE.

Congrats! You have created your App!

  1. Now click Edit Settings to add a few necessary details.

  2. Enter in the “Redirect URLs” field and then click Add before proceeding.

Your App settings should look like on the following picture:

Don’t forget to click SAVE!

  1. On the left hand side, you’ll now be able to reveal your Client ID and Client Secret which you’ll now need.

  2. Go to “Connections” in Lumia and add Spotify under “Streaming Services”.

  3. Copy & paste your Client ID and your Client Secret into the fields and click “connect”.

  1. Tick all checkmarks to allow Lumia to use your Spotify client.

  2. A website will open to authorize Lumia.

That’s it! Now you can Play, Pause, Mute and even let people choose a song with commands and channel points.