How to increment/decrement Twitch Points value

In version 6.1.7, We’ve added the ability to increment the Twitch Point value every time it’s redeemed!
This gamifies the streaming experience by making Redemption become rarer as time goes on.

To set this up only takes a few steps:

First, create a new Twitch Points Command and give it a name and what you want it to do as well as the starting points value.

Now before we add in the Actions, we’ll want to press Apply so the name of the Twitch Point is added to Twitch.

Now press Edit on the same command you just created and head to Lumia Actions.

In the Type option, select Set Twitch Points Value

And choose your Twitch Point in Command.

For the Point Value, you will have the option of using Math to change the point value.

Plus (+), Minus (-), Equal (=), Multiple (*), Divide (/) are all valid modifiers that you can add before the number. So +10 will increase the Redemption by 10 every time it’s redeemed for instance


Save, Apply and Refresh.

If you want to get more creative you can even allow the last person who redeemed to set the next value by using the equal sign with the prompt variable: ={{prompt}}

For this you need to edit your Twitch Point command again and head to the Points Options tab
Here we choose Require user to enter a message to redeem


Now go back to Lumia actions and change the existing Set points value to ={{prompt}}
Then Save, Apply and Refresh.


And this is the result: