How does the Fuze function work?

1- Version: 5.3.0
2- System: Windows
3- Account: Premium

5- Describe the issue:

I’m trying to figure out how Fuze works. There are no tutorials online, no videos, not even any webpages on how this is supposed to work beyond the basic “this is a feature” on Lumia’s webpage. This program is not intuitive at all.

I have created my own custom Scene with 7 standard colors, added that to Fuze and set the settings to Audio (Desktop) / Plus Ultra / Precise / Min Brightness: 20% / Max Brightness: 100%. However, when activated the lights only stay on the same two colors and are as dynamic as a candle flickering. It appears you have to drag each light in a scene to a corresponding color? But only one light works with one color, kind of defeating the purpose of having the option to cycle through multiple colors. You’d need 7 different bulbs if you wanted that many colors. What am I missing?

I am using Philips Hue Color bulbs, and have previously been using the Hue Sync app to sync the lights with whatever my computer is playing, which is a fantastic. It’s bright, very responsive, and cycles through many colors. I was hoping Fuze would be similar, but clearly it isn’t. It’s also a shame that when that is engaged, Lumia just doesn’t work at all. No alerts, bits, or any other type of function from Lumia comes in.

Basically, what I am looking for is a nice dynamic range of colors to sync to the audio coming from my computer, with the lights being able to be changed by alerts, donations or commands. So far I am unable to get this to my satisfaction, and when Fuze is on the alerts don’t function like they should. (Too fast, too slow, maybe flash once.)

Since this is a Premium option with no free trial, I paid the $5/mo to test it. I’d be willing to pay the extra $ if the product works like advertised, but so far the functionality leaves a lot to be desired and isn’t worth it. I won’t be continuing my subscription if that’s the case.

Is there any info y’all could give me on what I’m missing and how to make this work? Will there be direct integration with Hue bulbs and Hue Sync in the future? Please let me know, as I’m interested in the product, but find its use very lacking. Thanks!

Hi there Mallow,

So #1 it sounds like you aren’t using Fast mode with your hue lights. You’ll want to make sure that’s on under Connections

Next up, yes like you said, right now you can use a Scene with Fuze, but it only makes your lights brightness that are in the specified slights brightness go up or down depending on how loud the music is.

Alerts and commands should still work with Fuze, i’m assuming your issue was that Hue wasn’t on fast mode and the lights were getting clogged up with too many commands.
If an alert or command comes in while Fuze is on, it will pause fuze, run the command/alert and then go back to fuze after.

We’re working on a big revamp for Fuze very soon to match much closer to the experience you have with Hue Sync, that’s why we haven’t made any tutorials or videos on it yet.
Expect a big change in update 5.4/5.5 :wink:


And remember to play with the sensitivity. If you hear loud music it must be way lower than 50%… for low background music I use 65%. I use Fuze since I have Lumia and all my alerts work like a charm. Yeah…a color change would be great but as Ahad said it will come soon. I understand your dissatisfaction, but you can’t buy a car without cruise control and then complain that it doesn’t have cruise control. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: But one cool thing about Lumia is that they install the cruise control if you ask for it and it is possible.

BTW…Im not related to the company…just a every day user

Thanks! I’ll try this out and see how it goes.

When you say “it only makes your lights brightness that are in the specified slights brightness go up or down” do you mean the lights you add to the scenes? It only lets me drag in one light per color. So for instance, I have 3 Hue lights in my room. (2 bulbs and a strip.) If I drag the strip over and place it on one of the colors, it prevents me from adding it to any more, and only stays on that one color. Is that what you’re referring to or the slider of Min - Max Brightness? As mentioned, that’s on a pretty big range of 20% - 100%, and I certainly didn’t see that difference yet. (Will try with the connection.)

Will look forward to the update. Thanks again, and I’ll let you know how it goes!

you can’t buy a car without cruise control and then complain that it doesn’t have cruise control.

haha, sure but if you buy a car thinking cruise control is standard, then find out you have press 10 different buttons to get it to work (or that it just doesn’t exist), that’s a bit different.

considering the only info on Fuze on this site is “Studio fuze starts either a reactive mirror of your screen grabbing the average colors of what’s showing on your screen or you can trun your lights into an audio visualizer,” i think it’s fair to question the functionality, use and performance.

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Since Lifx doesn’t have a “Fast Mode”, does that mean my lights are going to stay delayed by 5 seconds as an audio visualizer?

I must admit due to translation Im not sure if I just missed something in your text :slight_smile: You put up the scene in the creator section on the sidebar and select the scene in fuze… so in the scene creator you choose which light should work with which color. Fuze just adopts what you set there.

With LIFX it seems to be a problem with the transmission between Lumia - LIFX - the light. I have myself a beam and a strip and they have a small delay. I dont know if the beam is causing this as it is slower than the strip by nature of its architecture. If you watch it closely you can see that sometimes the beam “builds” up the light from left to right. Noone yet found out why afaik. But the revamp should eventually fix that

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So I have given this a shot and yes, it works much better. However, another problem has come up. When fast mode is enabled, it doesn’t let me use my imported Hue scenes i’ve set up in Themes. It tells me to go back to regular mode to use them.

I understand they weren’t compatible with Fuze to begin with, but I’m not able to use them at all, Fuze or not. Which is quite a shame given the integration with Hue and having gone through the trouble of setting all of those up previously.

Well, if you dont use fuze you can turn fast mode off and use them under theme. The app is still under development and almost daily new features are added or get improved. Until the fuze revamp comes up we all have to make compromises :slight_smile: Unfortunately Rome wasnt build in one day.