Hide Source function via the end section intermittently does not work

1- Version: 7.1.0
2- System: Windows
3- Account: Premium
4- Cannot be captured in a screenshot

5- Describe the bug: I’m finding that the end trigger to a Twitch Command intermittently does not fire during my sessions. Most times it works correctly but I do find more and more it’s ‘sticking’ because the end trigger does not execute.

That usually can only happen if you interrupt the command somehow. If a command is not running its duration it won’t trigger the end state.

That happens i.e. if you use Stream Deck keys or using the test buttons

These are all triggered by Twitch commands. However, would a scene change from an app controlling OBS count as an interruption?

Go to queue in the left sidebar → top right queue settings → make a screenshot please

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