Have an option for lights to default to a state for Animations and Reactions

I have a few animations and reactions that rely on my keylights being turned off at the beginning. The problem I’m running into is sometimes my keylights get disconnected, then I have to go to every animation and reaction to correct the issue. If I could have one spot to say “when any animation or reaction starts, turn off my keylights and turn them back on once the animation is done” this would save a ton of work. I’m sure this feature could be used for something else amazing as well.

This feature is to find on the default state page. Still you would need to tell every reaction or animation to turn off the lights as Lumia Stream cannot know when you want it and when not.

To avoid your lights disconnecting give them a static IP. It sounds like your router is giving out new IPs every 24 hours. Lumia Stream will not be informed of that by the computer. That’s why you have to reconnect them.

We are already looking into how to make Lumia detect IP changes. But at the moment a static IP is the only real solution for that.

Thank you for the response! I don’t know why I didn’t think to make them a static IP in the first place, thanks for the suggestion!

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