Govee Limited their API to 10 changes per minute question

I had read the announcement and got a question.

Govee has recently updated their API to limit users to up to 10 changes per minute. If you go above that limit your Govee lights and smart plugs will not change. If you continue to use Govee lights and smart plugs you will have to make sure you aren’t going over the 10 change per minute limit or it could cause issues with Lumia as well as your Govee lights. If you have multiple lights you could go over the limit very fast. If you have 5 Govee lights for instance and you would like to change the color of them all, this means you’ll only be able to change all 5 lights twice in a minute and then will have to wait to change them again

I use 2 light strips that are from govee, and use the police reaction it seems to only flash 4 or 5 times then stay red and not revert back to the default colour.

Reading the announcement I take it that this could be due to the 10 changes every 60 seconds.

Is there a way to run a reaction but separate the lights so the rest of my lights will run like normal (red / blue) and have one change to blue and the other change to red with no flashing?

I have sent an email to govee and asked if they do a paid service for their API to increase their limits but no reply yet (sent just 3 days ago)

also, there seems to be a 1-second delay in the govee lights to start to change compared to my razor lights, is that normal for these? is there a way to delay the other lights so it works in sync?

I’m a new streamer and if/when things improve I will be upgrading them to some more expensive and compatible lights, just trying to find a solution for now.

You can use “Manage lights” insider your command or Studio to select which lights should react.
Govee will answer you that they are working on a new API. But yeah…who knows if they will ever release something.

I can’t tell you about the reaction times of Razer lights as I don’t know them. But to synch slow lights, like Govee or Tuya with fast lights like LIFX or Hue, you would need to create animations and fiddle delays in it through the slots.

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thanks :slight_smile:

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