Govee LEDs not turning back in default scene after alert

1- Version: 5.5.0
2- System: Windows 10 64 bit
3- Account: Basic
4- Screenshot if possible

5- Describe the issue: My Govee H6110 LED Strips do not turn back in default scene / color after i triger a alert. i have 3 Pices of the same model, but each time it is a different strip that does not return to the default. I already checked the wifi connection and bring the stripes back to default settings.

Can you help me please?


I ned some informations to narrow it down:
What is your default state? Color, animation, scene?

What is your alert doing? rection, animation?

Can you show me screenshots of animations if involved?

Standard is 100% White
The Alert is a subcriber with the Police animation

Tick in default state “Schalten sie die Verzögerungsrückstellung ein” and put it to 1.5 seconds. Tell me if this helps

at this alert, it don’t turn back to default

Did you put the delay on?