Govee LED Stripe bugs after Reactions / Animation

1- Version: 6.1.7
2- System: Windows 10
3- Account: Premium

5- Describe the bug: Govee lights are connected and change colors as expected with the basic commands. However, anytime an animation / reaction is run with changing light colors, they will get stuck on that color and become unresponsive until rebooting. Any way to fix that or tell the Govee to ignore any animation effects?

Here is the announcement from our socials regarding Govee:

@Govee users, please take notice that Govee has recently changed their api to allow even less changes and slower changes to their lights that went into effect on May 5th
You can only send 10 changes per minute now which is 1 change every 6 seconds. If you go above that Govee says that their api will not work.

This is a sad week in the smart lighting world, and we absolutely cannot recommend Govee anymore.
We implore you to speak with your wallet. Govee does not care about the streaming world atm even though that’s where most of their advertisement comes from. If you plan on buying lights that work with your steam do not buy any Govee lights until they free up their api or add a local api.

Also don’t forget to call them out on social media. This is a very shady move that they’ve dropped on their loyal buyers who now pretty much can’t even use the lights as intended

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