Fuze not working properly with Fast Mode

1- Version: 6.1.7
2- System: Windows
3- Account: Premium
4- Screenshot if possible

5- Describe the issue:

I am using Fuze with Phillips Hue Lights and Hue Bridge. With fast mode, I can use all functions of the lights extremely well except Fuze.

When I activate Fuze without fast mode the lights change at full brightness. However with fast mode on, the maximum brightness is about 75% dimmer. It doesn’t matter what options I pick when fast mode is on, the lights are always very dim with Fuze.

Is there something I’m doing wrong? I would really like to use this feature but with fast mode, the lights are far too dim to be usable.

Thank you for your time.

Hi, we did a lot of research on that issue already and we can’t find out why this is happening to some users. We can’t even tell if the problem is on our end or on Hues end. But I found a lot of posts online where people complain about the same issue using the Hue Sync Box. So it seems that it isn’t really an issue caused by our development.

Another problem is that we can’t reproduce it. So it seems that it doesn’t happen to every Hue user.

I made a little video for you to assure you I am not searching for excuses :slight_smile: I used the same settings you show on your screenshot. Tell me when I changed the mode by the brightness of my lights.

Maybe the Hue support knows an answer.

Don’t get me wrong. We really want to help you fix this. But right now we have no answer yet.

Hey I appreciate the response. That prompted me to dig a little deeper, as someone just curious and really genuinely wanting this to be fixed at some point. From a more thorough test of the issue on my end, I found that the amount of black or darker colors on the screen correspond to the dimmer lights while using Fuze with Fast Mode, regardless of the brightness set. On a full white screen the lights are at full brightness.

Interestingly enough with Fast Mode off, this is not an issue as much because the lights use any other color that is not black to set the color. While in total black screens, the lights turn off.

So there is a difference in Fast Mode and standard mode in that the color detection on screen in Fast Mode is using the amount of black on the screen to set brightness which ignores the brightness input from Fuze.

I did use Hue Sync and did experience some of the brightness reduction due to the dark colors on screen, but it was maybe a 5 -10% reduction in brightness as compared to Fuze.

I do really want to use Fuze since I can automate the process of starting Fuze and it working with LumiaStream’s other features seamlessly. It seems that the issue is on how Fuze functions during fast mode.

If I can be of assistance to the developers to test in the future regarding this issue, I would be happy to help.

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Hey…thanks for the feedback. I will fwd this to our dev and see if he can do something off this information (I am not a developer and have no clue why Fuze is doing anything :joy:)

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