Duration setting with animations that use midi it ends on the first slot in the animation sequence

If I use cycles the animation sequence will end on the last slot in the animation. This is helpful because I can send a note to turn the color off in my light application (SoundSwitch).

It works no problem this way.

But say I want to trigger an animation longer than 20 cycles and use the duration setting instead. It will end on the first slot leaving the the color on instead of shutting it off which is the last slot.

Even if I add the midi command to the End section to turn the light off, it does not work.

Well…Duration is not meant for animation commands as the animation most like will have its own duration.

What are you trying to achieve with a command using more than 20 cycles? maybe there is another solution to make what you try to

I see the problem with duration and your animation here that you need to time on the second when the duration should be finished to end with your last slot… If you use a very long duration it could be that the timing slightly moves.

Wouldnt it make more sense using dynamic default for this…then the animation should be endlessly… well like stated above, we need more info what you are trying to achieve there :slight_smile: