Cync (C by GE) Compatibility?

I have a full setup of Cync (C by GE lights) setup with strips and over head lights. I would would love to use this product but I can’t justify purchasing a whole new setup just for Lumia compatibility. I suppose I’m surprised that there is no compatibility with a company like GE on here.

I i.e. never heard of them :wink:

But are they not by chance a Tuya product? Could you share a screenshot of their phone app. We have that often that we never heard of a company and later they have been Tuya compatible and so Lumia compatible :slight_smile:

The app makes no mention to the one you mentioned that I could see.

Yeah I read a bit about them… seem they have been pioneers for lights. But also it seems to be only a niche anymore and they concentrate more on power and energy.

Well… let’s see if we will integrate them someday.