Command list not populating on StreamerBot

Hello there! A buddy and I were working on getting new HUD HFX commands set up.

The way we have been doing this is,
1) picking a new HFX and adding it as a twitch command
2) adding a bit cheer trigger on streamerbot
3) having that trigger call the command to lumia

The following issue has since appeared after he upgraded to Lumia premium.

After adding the HFX and setting up a new command and refreshing the list on lumia, the command does NOT show up when trying to select that command in streamerbot. It would only appear after a computer restart.

We have tried to downgrade to a previous version of streamerbot, which did not solve the problem. I’ve been unable to find an old version of Lumia available for download.

He uninstalled and reinstalled Lumia Stream, and no NONE of the commands are appearing in streamerbot.

I’m not sure if anyone has any clue or if any of that even made sense. I’d be glad to provide further details or answer any clarifying questions. Thank you so much for any help!


I am not sure if I understand the problem correctly.

Are the commands working in Lumia? Why do you use StreamerBot to create that cheer trigger rather than directly from the source?

So, you say after a computer restart the commands showed up in Streamerbot but later you say they don’t show up :slight_smile: That is the confusing part. But unfortunately, I have to ask you to ask the StreamerBot support if the problem appears on the streamerbot’s end as we are not too much into their setup procedure.