Combine the "Requests" and "Ideas" forums? Or separate them better!

So we are encouraged to use the “Requests” section for requests AND “Ideas” but there is already a separate “Ideas” section, which seems like it makes one of the two not needed. Also why do we see status tags like “Planned”, “In Development”, “Added” etc. for the “Ideas” section posts but not for “Requests”. I feel like the two sections could be combined into one, just make sure you keep those status tags, they’re great!

Alternatively, if the plan is to keep both the “requests” and “Ideas” sections, can we separate them better? Maybe use the “Requests” section to address features that are already part of the app but need a tweak or more options/controls and reserve the “Ideas” section to request entirely new features or integrations that are not currently part of the app.

Also, if keeping both sections can we please have those status tags “Planned”, “in Development”, “Added” etc. implemented for the “Requests” section?


Would you laugh if I link you now to the idea page? :sweat_smile:

No… you are totally right with all you say. The problem is: People coming to this forum w/o even knowing the discord or the idea site. They don’t even know we are the same people on both media :wink:

So we are considering for a long time what you suggested but couldn’t fulfil that yet :slight_smile:

But yeah…the tags should be the smallest issue on that.