Color Changing Lights Based on Power Output Wattage

I race and ride in Zwift it would be great if I could get the lights to sync with what power zone I’m in Blue, Green, Yellow, Red. Most bike trainers use a Bluetooth Power Sensor, if Lumia could pick up the sensor data this would be an easy add.

What is this power sensor sensoring? You noticed the pulsoid integration?

Yes. I’ve seen the pulsoid integration which is great but racing, your heartate is up there and for the most part will only show one color. I will be in Zone 4 and 5 for 98% of a race. Power fluctuates quite a bit more.

You can change the heartbeat values in alerts. So maybe if you know aprox. your heartbeats per Zone you could arrange them.

We can’t integrate with bluetooth, but if they have a phone app with an api for direct communication there is a possibility for an integration.

To tag on to this thread. I also ride Zwift like Zavarise, and would like this functionality. The data is not just transmitted over Bluetooth. This is also being sent via network packets (UDP/unencrypted). In fact someone has created a Windows app to capture these packets and display data that Zwift gets from the bike trainer but doesn’t display this data in their platform. It’s called Zwift Activity Monitor and the dev has a GitHub of the app here: GitHub - ruffk/ZwiftActivityMonitor: This project allows Zwift users to monitor their moving average power and FTP in real-time. It also provides valuable metrics to the rider such as average and normalized power (NP), intensity factor (IF), and training stress score (TSS). For the racer and time-trialist, there's also the ability to configure distance based splits with optional goals.

If ZAM does the hard work of capturing the packets, there could be a possibility to trigger events in Lumia Stream. This sounds like a weekend hack-a-thon for me…but life being what it is…getting 2 days in a row to focus on this gets harder and harder.