Chat commands do not trigger lights

So ever since the updates and after resetting all the connections from OBS, Stream elements, and Twitch I have yet to figure anything out due to frustration and just mental capacity to validate why im paying for a service that work fine before all the updates. Some help would be nice thank you for your time.



If you tell us with what exactly you need help, we are happy to do so :slight_smile:

My bad so every time I do a command it doesnt change the lights testing the commands works fine but none of the commands in chat will trigger my lights

Is your Chat Bot modded in your twitch Channel?

yes it is modded

Did you check your settings so you didn’t accidentally turn chat commands off?

Commands → Chat Commands → Settings in the top bar

I have no clue how that turned off at all thank you for your help

No problem :wink: Anytime

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