Changing Lumia Stream Bot name

Would love to be able to change the bot name to something a bit more personal. Maybe something that can be an added future for subs or lifetime users?

Couldn’t be a better time to take over. With all the controversy surrounding ahem…slobs cough, so many people are leaving and looking for alternatives. LS could literally dominate over anything else out there.

My suggestions:
Chatbot with the ability to use a custom name. (paid users)
Chatbot with timers like nightbot, cloudbot ect
Alerts: Follows, raids, subs ect that will allow the user to use their own or purchased alerts as well as light control.
Recent events: again, follows, subs, donations, ect
Voice control for anything. IE OBS, lights, commands ect

I can already make LS work for my own alerts using OBS and sources, but for anyone new to OBS might find it a bit difficult.

Just a couple ideas I’m throwing out there. I would love to see LS take over and let the streamers have full control over their stream without relying on web browser sources.

Super stoked with 5.4.0

Great job dev team


We’ve actually already implemented timers. We’re just saving it for the next release.

We can definitely use the users name for chatbot as an option next major release, but using a completely different account would take time

The other ideas are great and we’ll write them down and try to see which ones are easy wins

Thank you for the feedback and ideas

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I too would LOVE the ability to personalize the LumiaStream bot’s name as it appears in Twitch chat.

You can do this with other bots, EG Mee6 bot for Discord, and Streamelements and MooBot for Twitch.

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