Can't login to created account


I tried to create account using twitch integration but it didn’t work. After that i tried to create it with e-mail, i did receive activation e-mail but now i can’t login. I also tried to change password but it doesn’t seem to help at all. While i try to login i get Error could not Connect.

Hi Dan, we were having some issues with our authentication server today, but it should all be working for you now.

after one week of use i again cant pickup my hue {we ran into issues network error etc. disconnecting from already connected services. today i log out and i cant log in. it says could not retriece settings please contact us if this continue. seriously considering ask for refund as if i have to set all the stuff multiple times per week its not app for me. tried now also the beta and it has the same issue. tried reset password despite it works and link from email gave me page doesnt exist. so i am asking what hapen to the app what was for me the best to use? same when trying to log with twitch.