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Im so close to being able to dump streamlabs all together but I still need their bot. Lumias automation/chatbot just needs some tweaking.
If I set a chatbot message for 5min and then another at 10min, the first will go off at 5min, then both at 10 min and so on and so on. Maybe it could run in order or draw from a text file at random. This will end my use of any other 3rd party stuff for my stream. Please please implement this. I would love nothing more than to have literally everything running through lumia and use nothing else.

So stoked with the latest updates and the continuous hard work you all put into making lumia the best there is. Thank you!!!

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So here’s how you would setup an Automation to run every other 5 minutes on the hour.

You will first head to Automations. Press Add

Give your Automation a name and keep the type Scheduler.
Instead of a simplified schedule, you’ll tick that off so we can use Cron Syntax

Now for the time, you will enter this

0 5,15,25,35,45,55 * * * *

This will make this automation run only when the time ends with 5

And that’s all there is to it. You can setup your other automation by just selecting simplified schedule and have it run every 10 minutes.

That’s how you have two chatbot automations running where they won’t clash.

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Im on it today. I have quite a few messages so I would need to set it up using cron time for ea message correct?
I see how to do the 5 min one and if I understand correctly as long as the number ends in 5 that ahould do the trick.

So say the next one I want in 10 min.
I would set it up the same way IE 10,20,30 ect?

Now doing that takes care of 2 messages but I have like 12 I need to run.
So would I just change the cron to say 26,36,46 ect?

Thank you

Yes correct, the 5,15,25,35,45,55 are all of the minutes on the hour that you want it to happen

So it could even be something like only when the time is at the 33 and 51 minute mark. It would just be:

0 33,51 * * * *

Just make sure it’s separated with a comma

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So if I wanted to make say 12 different messages or actions run in order every 5 min, would this be correct? Sorry, I know…Im trying lol

Just showing what I mean as an example, I know where the message or actions go :slight_smile:

Message1 (0 00 * * * *)
Message2 (0 05 * * * *)
Message3 (0 10 * * * *)
Message4 (0 15 * * * *)
And so on and so on?

I appreciate all the help

Sure, the best way to do this would be custom javascript, but this is the more direct way of doing this

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Thank you for all the help. Im officially using LS for everything now !! Cant tell you how happy this makes me. :slight_smile:


That’s awesome :slight_smile:

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