Any documentation on how the Queue works?

There does not appear to be ANY documentation as to how the Queue is supposed to work. I’ve had numerous streams now where alerts or reactions will lodge themselves in the queue, not execute, and prevent anything new from happening. There doesn’t seem to be a way to force them to execute, only to delete them.

Can we get some real documentation on how this system is supposed to work or why some items seem to just sit there forever?

Hi… well… they won’t sit there forever. They are just in the queue and most likely something else is in that moment running. The first item in the queue is the active command, alert or whatever.

Go to Queue → Queue settings and set the queue to your needs.

I mean, you say that, but I made it to the end of a 2-hour stream with items piled up in the queue from the beginning. They were sitting there forever.

Chances are good I just configured something wrong, but there is zero documentation on how the queue is supposed to flow so I have no way of knowing how to remedy this. Just saying “look at the settings” is not helpful here.

For example, are there differences in the way Alerts, Reactions, Animations, etc. are processed in the queue? Is it a case of Twitch’s API not sending something that Lumia is waiting for? There are tabs in the alerts, for example, labeled “Start” and “End” and no documentation as to what those mean or how they’re triggered. Will putting something in the “end” tab of “Hype Train Started” hold up the whole queue until the Hype train has completely ended?

Again, no documentation to go on, and unfortunately no way to test this without starting an actual Hype Train in Twitch. I can test the events, but the last few times I’ve streamed the results did not line up.

Back to the queue being stuck… Once I trashed an item at the top, the next one seemed to run, but then that one never finished either.

If a tab is in an alert then of course this tab is for this alert and only this alert. So the start tab means something that happens at the start of this alert and the end tab means something happens at the end of this alert.

But I agree with you and the idea is already in the development that our tutorials will be linked in the single sections of the app. Like:

But anyway it seems there is something badly wrong set up what bugs the queue. So I would ask you to please join our discord and open a ticket in the support channel. Then our dev can look into your settings and debug your account.