Another variations problem

1- Version: 5.5.0
2- System: Windows
3- Account: Premium
4- Screenshot:

5- Describe the issue: variation I have set for 99 bits never seems to work, not once ever. I’ve tried other variations and had the same issue, they never seem to work, it only does the base alert - this is the only reason I have lumia. if this won’t work I’ll have to cancel my subscription. please help me out <3

I will forward this… it seems to be a problem with the value. I can reproduce that and see that other values work

Okay… I talked with the dev:

Please untick “Only variations”… set the minimum in the base alert to 0… after that tick only variations again.

Even that you use “only variations” it will still look for the minimum set

this fixed the issue. thank you so much - I probably could have stumbled on this solution, but wouldn’t have known what I did, if I had fiddled with the settings enough. nothing’s worse than NOT knowing how you fixed something, then always worrying about it not working again at some point lol.
thanks so much SamWilsonTV, much appreciated…!

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Yeah… I wouldn’t have thought that far… but the dev knows his baby :wink:

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