Allow more than 1 OBS Websockets Connection

This is probably fairly rare, but I run multiple instances of OBS simultaneously. It would be great if I could add additional OBS connections on different ports so that Lumia could control all OBS instances without having to figure out a way to duplicate the commands on the receiving end.

I think, but only guessing, that this should be introduced with WebSocket 5 by the WebSocket itself. But I am not sure yet. I wasn’t able to try it out what it can as I have no apps using above WebSocket 4.9.1

That WebSocket 5 would be able to “repeat” to a second instance, or how so? I hadn’t seen anything in the alpha/beta release notes but I could be wrong. I’ll do some testing with the beta and see if I can find anything. I wasn’t sure if 5.0 would work with Lumia right away since the 4.9.1 post made it kind of seem like changes would be necessary.

Here is a list of applications that plan to support v5.0.0 when it comes out:

** Touch Portal*
** LioranBoard*
** StreamControl (Android App)*
** obs-web (Website)*
** obs-tablet-remote (Website)*
** WebCaptioner (Website)*
** obs-websocket-http (HTTP Server)*
** simpleobsws (Python Client Library)*
** obws (Rust Client Library)*
** obs-java-client (Java Client Library)*
** websocket-obs-java (Java Client Library)*
** obs-websocket-js (JS Client Library)*
(If you are a developer planning to release an update to your software along with 5.0.0, shoot me a message on the Discord to be added here.)

I think I see now. 5.0 adds websocket server compatibility or is a websocket server, not 100% clear to me, but either way, sweet!

:smiley: I also don’t know yet what this will be. I have to say I was happy and satisfied with 4.9.1 :smiley: