Alerts variations

1- Version: 5.3.2
2- System: Windows
3- Account: Premium
4- Screenshot if possible

5- Describe the issue:
So how do I set up the alerts variations, to play different variations when people are following me. The % frequency doesnt work when I press the “Only Variations” button. I want it to randomize which variation it uses everytime someone new follows me. That way it won’t be the TTS message playing over and over.

When you are in the alerts you can go all the way down and set up your variations

I have set up different variations there, but then when I activate “Only Variations”, it won’t play any of them.

Could you please make a screenshot of 1) the follower alert settings (so the first thing you see when hitting alerts) and 2) settings of a variation, maybe two

Dont get me wrong, but you have there 3 times the same reaction put in. What change would you expect there? :thinking:

There are different TTS messages that should be triggered. I want them to trigger randomly when people follow the channel. So it’s not the same message everytime.

Okay…got that. I tried some things myself now. Something is wrong there. I will push it to the dev. Thanks for pointing this out

Okay…I had a talk with the dev. I guess we both misunderstood the workflow of that random percentage :slight_smile:

They dont stack… so you can never fill the 100% with variations. If you set 20% its very low and the chance is for every variation the same. Not like: I didnt hit red then it must be blue.

So if you want to use this random “gambling” variation you should have the base alert for the cases it doesnt hit the 20%. If you want to play around with only variations I would suggest to use higher values but there will stay the chance that just nothing happens.

I got your idea and we dont have that in Lumia yet what you actually try to do.

Ahh okay, well thanks anyway for checking! I hope that this is a feature they will add on later :slight_smile:

Definitely in the box of ideas :wink:

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