Alert Colors Freeze After Playing

1- Version: 5.5.0
2- System: Windows 10
3- Account: Premium
4- Screenshot if possible

5- Describe the issue:
Hi there! I’m having an issue with the Default State of my Nanoleaf Hexagon panels.

I have a point redemption on Twitch where the user can redeem any color they want (ex. blue), and my Nanoleafs will become that color, which will then become the new Permanent Default. And it works beautifully! However, once the user redeems it and the color changes, the Default Light State in Lumia is set to blank/null (see attached screenshot).

This would normally be no issue, except in the case of alerts. I have scenes that play for alerts such as followers, subs, etc, and after the alert plays, Lumia reverts the colors back to the default state. But because there is no default state anymore, my panels pause the alert and freeze in their current colors until they are overwritten by the channel point again.

Is there any way that I can successfully set the user’s choice of color to be the new default state, and have it revert back? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

Solved in Discord and I need 20 characters to write this comment