Adding settings for automations for offline and online

I would like to see features for automations that know when the stream is live or offline. This will allow it to tweak the settings based on live or offline status. This could be particularly useful for when you don’t want an automation running as often while a stream is offline vs online. Also you could even have an option specific to each automation that could automatically disable the automation from running while the stream is offline and automatically reenable the automation when the stream becomes live again.

Streammode is what you want to use in the top left corner.

That works but it requires manually toggling on and off stream mode. My idea would just make lumia self aware of whether the streamer is live or not and change the settings of automations accordingly without the streamer having to remember to toggle streamer mode on and off.

Combine it with a OBS Switch scene alert or with the Stream Live / Offline alert :slight_smile: