Ability to Greet Regular Chatters, VIPs, or Mods

I have seen this feature used in other chat bots where regular chatters are greeted with custom messages. This would be nice if I could create a audio/light effect based on chatters/VIPs first message in the chat that day.

Wait for the next update :wink:

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you can do that using chat match and custom javascript there is one specific for greeting in the code marketplace

  • head to chat match then add match leave the dot as it is this means that it trigger this command based on what is typed on that field (dot . means any message)
  • edit that command
  • go to custom javascript at the top
  • click code marketplace
  • click community code then you’ll see “greeting users in stream”
  • click use this code save and apply
  • refresh your settings and you are good to go

you can disable the regular chatbot and set the command to nolight change if you want
have a great stream :slight_smile:

What UIthinker said… but for your case as you only want to greet a certain group, you would have to create a User Level Group and add these viewers to it… then you can limit the chat match to that user level and it will only trigger for your “VIPs”