Ability to automatically enable and then disable Philips Hue "Fast Mode" for Reactions and Animations

Hi again, so I use (exclusively for now) Philips Hue lights in my setup which have a “Fast Mode” that is only accessible from the Hue card in the Connections page. The problem is, that my pre made Themes that I’ve brought in from my Philips Hue app are not compatible with Fast Mode, when it’s enabled none of those Themes will activate at all. When I have Animations or Reactions triggered (with Fast Mode off), the response of the Hue lights is slower than I would like especially if I want a quick flashing effect. I need the best of both worlds!!

Can we add a “Fast Mode” toggle option, maybe in the form of specialized “slots” to the Reactions and Animations edit pages so that I can go from a Philips Hue Theme to a Reaction or Animation that uses Fast Mode and then back in to my previously selected Theme without intervention?

This functionality obviously would have to go hand in hand with the “Automatic Refresh” feature that I have requested in a previous post.