A couple issues since new update

1- Version: 6.1.2-beta 1
2- System: Windows
3- Account: Premium

Couple things since updating.

Takes a really long time (75 seconds) for Lumia to start up and connect to all accounts.

Key lights change color when triggered rather than back to 4700k as they are set. Worked fine before update.
I have a few channel points that shut down my key lights during the redeem and then when they come back on, they are warm in color.
reinstalled elgato controls, updated firmware , reconnected and still same issue.

Any ideas?

Hi, about the loading time: It seems that AWS had yesterday some troubles. We noticed the issue and couldn’t find anything on our side. We have to watch today if it got back better :wink:

About the Keylights: I found that yesterday and the dev is already looking after it :slight_smile:

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Beta 2 fixes the Keylights

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