2 Separate Hue connections in LumiaStream?

Version: 6.2.0
System: Windows

So the issue I am having is that I have both Phillips hue, and INNR lights connected to my Phillips hue Bridge. The problem this causes is that I cannot use my Phillips hue lights in fast mode because the INNR are not capable. Is there any way that inside of Lumia Stream, that there can be 2 different connections for the same bridge that will allow one set to be fast, and another set to be standard?

For ONE bridge it would be impossible at all. For two bridges that we don’t support at the moment that could be a solution.

Drop the idea here: https://ideas.lumiastream.com/

What about just connecting them all Via “Fast Mode”. Allowing the Phillips bulbs to utilize fast mode while keeping other lights in “Slow Mode” is this something even remotely possible? I’m grasping at straws now…:slight_smile:

I can’t really tell you as I am not a developer. But to my knowledge, you would just clog the bridge. The bridge can’t determine if it’s a fast-mode bulb or not.

Fast mode is nothing more than the entertainment mode in your Hue app. So it is absolutely limited by Hue to not work.

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